All about James Prutilpac, Manager at Chuck's Furniture

All about James Prutilpac, Manager at Chuck's Furniture

James is part of the third generation in his family to work at Chuck's Furniture since his grandpa started the store in 1967. Meet James and learn about his favorite styles and furniture advice. 

James Prutilpac at Chuck's Furniture

Five questions for James

How long have you been at Chuck’s Furniture and in the furniture industry? 24 years.

How did you become passionate about furniture and interior design? I grew up around it, so it’s always been a part of me. I really like building and making things, and the creation of furniture. A home with good interior design functions well for the people who live in it and helps them enjoy their space. 

What do you like most about what you do at the store? I like finding solutions to questions that come up in running a business and being knowledgeable about the products and what goes into the process of designing, building, selling, and delivering furniture to customers.

What advice would you give to customers looking to invest in high-quality, long-lasting furniture? Even if you have to wait when you customize furniture to be exactly what you want, it’s worth the wait. That’s a better long-term solution than getting something you’ll soon want to replace. Choosing timeless designs over what’s trendy will help you get furniture that lasts a lifetime because you won’t be wanting to replace it when that trend goes away. Solid wood with tried and true construction methods will last even longer than a lifetime, and can even be refinished, so if the color goes out of style or the room changes it can be updated. 

What’s one thing you wish all your customers knew about furniture? How much goes into the building of quality furniture and that most of what sets a better-quality piece apart from mass-produced furniture is hidden from view. Paying attention to the details and having a knowledgeable person to help you find what you’re looking for is key. 

Some of James' favorite products at Chuck's Furniture

Modern rocking chair

“I love this rocker because of its modern style—and it’s very comfortable.”

Sleek chair and chaise

“I like this chair because it’s very minimalistic and streamlined, not chunky.”

Low-back leather sofa

“I like sofas with low tufted backs and straight lines, and Finn likes it because it’s cool to lay on.”

Customer feedback for James

"Chuck’s is THE place to go for furniture! After shopping a million places, James at Chuck’s was there and ready to help. He was super knowledgeable and helped us pick everything out. We love our pieces!!! You can tell the quality is superior. We are already planning on going back for bedroom sets."

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